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Inca Trail Testimonials / Comments of our hikers

Name : Ken Hansen
Country : USA
Trek : Inca Trail 4 days / 3 nights
Date : March, 2003
The inca trail was very hard, very challeging, very fun. The guide fun to be around, great guide! obvious deep knowledge of the trail and the Incas, and the food.. no words! best food I've ever had on a backpacking trip.
The drivers were outstanding, I had a great time, thanks.

Name : Penelope Akers
Country : New Zealand
Trek : Inca Trail 4 days / 3 nights
Date : March, 2003
It is the highlight of our 3 months in South America!.The attention of the guide couldn't be better, mind-boggling, very extensive knowledge and explained everything so well.. The meals were very yummy!! and always more than enough for everyone.

Name : Michelle Woodward-Jhon
Country : South Africa
Trek : Inca Trail 4 days / 3 nights
Date : February, 2003
It was a tiring but very enjoyable 4 days, the guide had an excellent english and he was always happy to explain anything or talk about anything, he is very enthusiastic, also knew su much about flora and fauna as well as the ruins and history of the area.
The breakfasts were specially nice, Marco is an excellent cook!. The bus was on time and comfortable. The guide and all the porters made such an effort to make sure we enjoyed the trip - they are a fantastic team!

Name : Yasmin Eady
Country : UK
Trek : Inca Trail 4 days / 3 nights
Date : January, 2003
The Inca Trail was very though, especially considering the wet weather - but very worthwhile, scenary was amazing, incredible. The guide was very entusiatic and informative, also really became part of the group and was keen to encourage us and go at any place (slow!), he gave us an historical overview before we left and at every stop on the way - very clear and very good english!. Also he encouraged us to ask questions - even about flowers and wildlife.
The meals were amazing, 3 course meals - so much food! very good breakfast to start a hard day of walking, big lunches and then great tasty snacks plus (hot) tea, followed by a delicious dinner!
Very good transfers, very well looked after each stop. good organization of transportation. Amazing service from the porters - completely unexpected and excellent value for money.

Name : Hayley Morse
Country : UK
Trek : Inca Trail 4 days / 3 nights
Date : January, 2003
The weather was ok, everything was explained we were looked after very well, the guide made we were all ok all the time and had everything we needed to be comfortable, he answered any questions we had in great detail and gave us lots of information about everywhere we went. Percy was an absolute star! we couldnt have had a better guide.
We were given as much food as we needed, it was nice to sit undercover and get hot food 3 courses was unexpected.

Name : M. Pilar Mendez
Country : Argentina
Trek : Inca Trail 4 days / 3 nights
Date : December, 2002
Fue una experiencia muy bella y con la ventaja de tener un grupo pequeño, se vivió mucho mas como en familia. El guía fue en todo momento el nexo del grupo y realmente nos guió con mucha dedicación y entusiasmo, diria que el guía gusta mucho de su trabajo y su cultura, compartió muchos conocimientos con el grupo. Fue un guía bien especial 10!.
Comidas sabrosas y abundantes. distintas cada día, siempre listas a tiempo.

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